Knockout Boxing Tips for Your Storage Units

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Boxes, simple as they are, are the superstars of storage. They are cheap, light, and always available; and most importantly, they get the job done. They help you organize your stuff. They protect them from the elements. And they easily stack on top of and beside each other to help you tetris your way into maximizing even the smallest of storage space.

In this article, you will find some tips on how to better use boxes to maximize storage units. Take note of these information to make the most of your Dubai storage space services:

  1. Use good quality, sturdy boxes. You want boxes strong enough to hold or support a decent amount of weight over time.
  1. If possible, get boxes in uniform sizes. This way, they will be easier to stack on top of each other.
  1. Organize boxes according to categories instead of just filling them up randomly. For example, all kitchen stuff might go into one box, and all office supplies might go into another.
  1. Label all your boxes according to their contents. Simply writing “Kitchen Stuff” and “Office Supplies” will do; but having a complete list of contents taped on the outside of the box will be better. This will save you precious time whenever you need to access stuff from them.
  1. Fill all the boxes up to capacity. A half-filled box will be flimsy and will easily break when stacked on. A bulging box will eventually easily break. Make sure to fill the empty gaps or spaces in boxes to make them sturdier. You can use small items such as balled-up socks and rolled-up clothes, or even crumpled newspapers.
  1. When filling boxes, make sure that the heavier, harder stuff go on the bottom, and the lighter, softer stuff go on top. Likewise, when stacking the boxes, make sure that the boxes with heavier contents go on the bottom and act as the base, and the ones with lighter contents go on top.
  1. Strategize your placement. When placing the boxes on the storage units, you can place the ones with contents you would least likely need access to, farther in the back, and place the ones with contents you would most likely need access to, nearer the entrance.
  1. Make sure to leave small walkways in between boxes. This way, you can easily navigate inside the storage unit without having to move everything around. Also, leave small spaces between the boxes and the walls to allow for ventilation.

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