FragranceTip: Wear the Best Perfumes for Specific Days and Occasions

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If you’re looking for the best perfume to wear for a particular event or even a scent for daily use, you came across the right blog. We’ve listed down the most flattering perfumes you can wear on certain days and occasions.

Prestigious Evening Events

About to attend a ball, awards night, ceremony or any formal evening event? Wear a perfume that would match your striking attire. Opt for a musk-based scent or something with citrus or wood undertones. Some other scents you can choose from are those that contain vanilla, honey, oak, patchouli, clove, bergamot, moss, leather and Jasmine. As per one of the perfume manufacturing companies in UAE, these scents would surely turn heads.

Working Days

During working hours or days, it’s recommended to use mild scents containing floral extracts (especially for women) or fruity notes such as apple, pear and coconut. For men, you can go for subtle perfumes with notes of mint, spices, almond, amber, iris, spices, woods, tonka bean or rum. Remember to remain stylish but low key. Avoid wearing distracting perfumes that could trigger allergies or cough.

Errand Days

There are days when people have to go to the mall, do grocery shopping, go to banks or run some errands. Aside from comfortable sandals and affirmative attitude, you can also wear citrus perfumes. Research says that such fragrance psychologically boosts our energy. Other perfumes appropriate for such days are those with the notes of mandarin orange, peach blossom, grapefruit and wild rose.

Romantic Date

If it will be your first date, think about first impressions. Choose a scent that would reflect your character but would not overpower your presence at the same time. It should be something classy and attractive at the same time. Eastern notes of orchid and amber blend well on the romantic vibe. Lotus flower and grapefruit can add a playful and positive aura to women. On the other hand, men can choose among the notes of myrrh, plum, musk, sandalwood and bergamot.


Scrumptious food, fireworks display, gatherings and parties are just a few of holiday staples. Wear a scent that harmonizes (and not battle) with the aroma of food and the odor or fireworks (if there is any). Some scents that would perfectly last are those with classic notes of vanilla, flower extracts, lemon, sugar, chocolate, black currant, pear and caramel.

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