Tips to help you cope with stress

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Coping with stress is a no mean feat. A person in a stressful situation is probably the only one who realizes the full intensity of the moment and therefore finds it very difficult to escape from it. Anyone can relate to the feeling of doom that a depressed person feels, because literally every single human being ever alive has suffered a similar emotion several times during life. You feel like the world is ending and that you will never be able to feel happy or relieved again. However, life returns back to normal, being pleasant again, with only small efforts on your part.

Tips to cope with stress:

  1. Alter your eating habits. Though it might not appear to be so important, food plays a great part in maintaining mental well-being of a person. Some of the foods are mental stimulants, activating the sympathetic nervous system and worsening the level of stress you are already suffering from. An example of foods notorious for intensifying the feeling of stress includes caffeinated drinks like coffee. Avoid coffee, tea and even alcohol and instead consume healthy drinks like herbal teas and juices when opting for things like anxiety treatment. They are rich in vitamins and keep your mind healthy. Also, limit consumption of refined sugars, replacing them with natural items.
  2. Burn calories when your mind is restless! Whenever you are in stress, the hormonal levels in your body change with the increasing amounts of stress hormones, especially adrenaline. Once the level of these hormones is decreased, the person feels better automatically. All you need to do is go on a jog every time your stress hormones are making you feel suffocated. After you are done running, you will feel a massive change in your mood and will actually feel better. This is because physical activity metabolizes catecholamine’s and decreases their circulating blood levels.
  3. Sleeping is the trick! One of the documented causes of stress is lack of sleep so sleeping sufficiently will combat any emotional discomfort that you feel deep inside. In order to make sure that your head stops dwelling in gloom, remove any reminders of the causative agent of stress from your sleeping area. Take a warm bath and try to take deep breaths after lying down.

Vend off your frustration. The most effective way to forget what’s nagging your brain, according to the best Dubai psychiatrists, is to talk about it. Call a friend on Skype or landline and fill him in with all the details. Say whatever you want to say, complaining and crying, screaming and shouting. By the end of it, you will feel a lot better. Your friend will definitely offer some advice or solace which will act as a soothing ointment for your irritable mind. If you are too shy to confide in someone, or don’t trust anyone, you can always keep a daily diary, for it the best friend you will ever have.