Breast Reduction: Less Is More

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Breast reduction is one of the most common and probably most successful of the plastic surgeries that females undergo. We come across many women who suffer from symptoms due to the weight of their breasts. It is unfortunate that non-surgical treatments for this problem have almost no or very little relief. The medical term for pain and other physical troubles caused by large breasts is called symptomatic macromastia and the condition is called macromastia. Heavy and super-sized breasts can cause many problems in a woman’s body. Macromastia can cause obesity in women owing to a reduction in physical activities.


Chronic neck pain, pain in shoulders and back, headaches, pain in chest walls, shoulder grooving, poor posture, tingling and numbness in hands, sleep disturbances, shortness of breath, lowered tolerance for exercises, rashes between and under the breasts and in the bra strap grooves are the symptoms of macromastia. These symptoms are much similar to those of disc problems or neck arthritis, migraine headaches, thoracic outlet syndrome, sleep apnea and such other various conditions. However, macromastia is a straightforward case; most patients suffering from this condition need no diagnosis and do not need too much testing.


Good support bras were once thought to be beneficial in this regard. However, many patients reported aggravated neck pain, pain in shoulders and chest wall after a prolonged usage. Weight loss is a desirable case for many health reasons, but weight loss in women suffering from macromastia is not useful to treat the condition. The breast skin being very thick and heavy, and an increase in its volume is not reversible with weight loss.
Surgery is the best option

Breast reduction surgery (mammoplasty), is an effective remedy as it treats macromastia directly. The benefits of breast reduction Dubai surgery include pain relief, improved posture, improvement in skeletal stability and physical functioning, improvement in lung functioning, reduction in headaches, improved sleep and an overall improvement in breast visualization. Even the satisfaction rates by patients who underwent this surgery were very high and there are very few cases in which women have expressed no significant relief after undergoing this surgery.


A breast reduction surgery is very much a standard part of plastic surgery training, but not all the plastic surgeons have equal proficiency in performing this surgery. After undergoing this surgery, patients can go home the same day of your surgery. Some doctors may prefer to them in observation for a day or two. The surgery is undertaken with a general anesthetic and post-operative incision care is easy too. Some patients may report a minor delay in healing, but will be able to resume their full daily activities within six weeks. However, the final breast shape will be apparent only after many months. All breast reduction in dubai surgeries leave a noticeable scar on the breasts and patients must undergo further periodic evaluations. For more information, feel free to visit .