5 Prepping Tips Before You Undergo a Dental Procedure

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Undergoing a dental procedure may sound easy. For some, dental procedure seems like a walk in the park that they prepare less than how it should be.

But in reality, dental procedures and operations should be taken with utmost caution and preparation leading to the procedure should be taken seriously. Every Pinoy dentist in Dubai recommends treating a dental procedure like a major operation. And without proper prepping, it can lead to a more serious problem.


If you will be undergoing an oral procedure in the near future, be sure to take these necessary steps.

  1. Have a pre-consultation

Your orthodontist will be requiring you to have a pre-consultation before the actual procedure. This is to ensure the condition of your pearly whites and gums and also to let you know what procedure needs to be done. They will discuss with you every detail – from the veneers Dubai dentist will use down to the medicines and after-care instructions

  1. Get a medical check up

Your dentist or orthodontist will definitely require you to submit a medical certificate prior to the procedure. Do not take this for granted. Your dental professionals need to know if your health can take the brunt of the procedure that you will be undergoing, especially if it is a major operation. Be transparent about your health and discuss with your doctor the possible implications.

  1. Take a leave from work

Major dental operations will require you to rest to ensure your full recovery. The recovery period will depend on several factors like your health condition and the procedure itself. Be sure to file a leave of absence from work two weeks before the scheduled dental operation. Reschedule all your appointments and have someone to assist you while you are on recovery period.

  1. Prepare the necessary things

Three days before your operation, get all things ready. Prepare your clothing, the things that you will bring to the hospital and if possible buy the medicines that you will need. You will not have the time to prepare post operation, so might as well get everything in order. This would prevent you from cramming and forgetting things that you need.

  1. Know the dos and don’ts

It is important that you acquaint yourself with the dos and don’ts before the procedure. Know what activities that you need to avoid and what food should you eat after the operation. If possible, provide instructions to the person who will assist you. After-care instructions should be followed thoroughly to ensure your full recovery.