Tips On Getting An Accurate Quote For Your Freight Cargo

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Shipment cost plays a major factor on pricing your products, as you need to take into account how much you will be charging for delivery and shipment per product. Usually, air cargo companies in Dubai give the quote upon inquiry.

But it wouldn’t hurt for business owners to know how to price their freight cost so they would have a clear picture on how they are going to price their products including the shipping cost.

  • Determine your commodity

The first thing that you need to know is the cost of delivery for specific products. Shipment companies give different rates depending on the product that will be shipped. Why? Because each product classification has different shipment needs. For example, the shipping price of sensitive PC parts is way different from furniture since the handling would be different.


When asking for a quote, tell the freight company what kind of commodity you are shipping, where these products are classified, and the cost of shipping per item.


  • Location of the shipment


Where the product is being shipped also plays a major factor on the shipping cost. The nearer the location, the cheaper it might be. But aside from the location, shipping companies take into account the manpower that will used to ship the product from one place to another and if there will be temporary storages involved along the way.


Be sure to give the exact location of the shipment. Do not give vague or general locations. The freight company might not able to give an accurate quotation and can affect your product pricing.


  • Overall size and weight


Some shipping and freight companies are basing the quote on the overall shipping size and weight. This would include not just the items themselves but the packaging as well. This can also affect what shipping channel or means would be used. For air freight, there is a limit that needs to be followed as opposed to shipping via sea freight.


  • Timing of shipment

Getting a quote can be tricky as it changes from time to time and dependent on certain factors. It shouldn’t be too soon or too late. As much as possible, get a quote from freight companies at least 30 days before the intended shipment date. Most shipping companies give clients 30 days from the day them provided the quote to decide if they are pushing through with the arrangement.

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