Suppliers and Contractors You Need When Doing Home Reno

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Getting your home revamped is a very thrilling thing to do. With a newly-designed space, you can improve your residence and meet the needs of your loved ones – like additional playroom for the kids or an entertainment room for the whole family.

However, renovating a property is not as easy as it sounds and to do this, you need to have a couple of contractors that will help you out – from the renovation to moving. Here are some of the contractors and suppliers you need for the big revamp:


  • Carpenters

Carpenters and builders will serve as your henchmen. With their skills, you will be able to accomplish carpentry work, especially if you are taking a big renovation here. Some homeowners prefer to do the building themselves, but it might take days especially if you are not that skilled on this field. If carpentry is not up to your alley, it would be best to get a team of builders that can do it for you. They will be able to get the building job on time and based on your instructions.


  • Furniture dealers

If you are having a home revamp, it is imperative that you replaced some of the furnishings to fit the new home design. So even before the renovation starts, you need to find a furniture dealer that would supply you with all the furnishings that you need in your home. The furniture dealer should be able to present an array of furnishing. If they customized, that would be great. There are times that having your furniture made is better than buying a ready-made one.


  • Movers

This is especially needed when you are having a whole house renovation. Leaving your home furniture in the place would get in the way of the renovation work. Plus, all the building and carpentry would damage the furniture. It would be best to move them to a temporary space while the work is going on. Movers will take the burden of transporting your furniture to a safe place


  • Storage facilities

Speaking of a safe place, you need a temporary shelter that would house all that stuff. Scout the nearest storage spaces in Dubai and check out their facility. These storage companies will safely hold all your things while the renovation is ongoing. It is much safer to store your things in facilities like this to prevent damage than leave it lying in your home where it can get dirty due to the reno work.


  • Cleaning services

Aside from movers and furniture storage companies in Dubai, you need to have a team of cleaning specialist that will help you tidy up the place once the renovation is done. With all the reno work that will be done, expect that the space would be a mess. Better have a team that will make the space spotless before the big move.