3 Ways to Make Your Car Fast and Furious on the Road

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Each movie from the Fast and Furious franchise has raked in millions of dollars. Combining the franchise’s all eight movies to date, the series has amassed a box office total of USD 4.4 billion worldwide. It has really been a successful journey for the cast and the people behind the series, since the release of their first movie in 2001, up to the latest instalment shown in April 2017. And the figures are expected to grow, as the series is expected to produce two more movies before finally concluding its epic saga.


One of the main highlights of the movies – aside from the importance of family and friendship – is the excessive use of high-speed cars. The franchise is popular for pulling off the craziest car chases and stunts, such as cars dropping off from a moving aircraft and cars breaking through a high-rise building and successfully landing into another skyscraper.


If you’re a fan of the movie and have always dreamed of driving your own modified vehicle, here are the top three ways you can transform your ordinary car into one worthy of an appearance in the Fast and Furious movies.


  • Lower your car.
    A lower suspension system gives you better aerodynamics – this means you can go full speed without worrying much about the negative effects of wind drag on your car. This is the reason sports cars have extremely lowered bodies. If you are interested, you can check out the brand of H&R Springs. They’re one of the most trusted makers of car suspension systems today.
  • Customise your wheels.
    Opt for oversized wheels to complement the lowered body of your car. The ideal measure is between 18 to 20 inches. Just like with the suspension system, the lower wheels you have, the better. The wheels should be placed evenly, or as close as possible, to the car’s fenders. To achieve this, you need to have an extremely low wheel offset. For extra impact, you can choose wheels with large lips. Go to this website and ask an expert if you want to be sure you’re buying the right set of wheels.

Dress up your ride with a body kit.
Have you ever seen a spectacular sports car speeding past you on the highway? Chances are, the owner of the car has invested in an auto body kit. This gives your vehicle a wider look and more aggressive stance. It shows off your car’s distinct lines and makes your car look more formidable on the road. If you don’t have any idea on which body kit you should choose, try searching for full aero kits or lip kits as a start.