Style Reference: 6 Types of Hats for Daily Use

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Looking for a stylish hat or cap for daily use? A popular men’s fashion stylist recommends the six types of hats below.


  1. Ascot Cap

This type of cap is also known as Lippincott cap and Cuffley cap. Ascot caps are usually worn during colder seasons in the west. They look like a flat cap. Ascot caps are usually made of wool and are round shaped, suitable for a normal day out. You can pair it with a plain shirt and jeans.


  1. Panama

Also called toquilla straw hat, a panama hat is breathable, light, and often worn on extra hot days. Panama hats are made of straw-like dried leaves of a palm plant. They blend perfectly with shorts, boxer shirts, slippers and other summer attire.


  1. Beanies

Beanies are either made from wool or cotton. Westerners wear beanies during winter and fall, while Asians wear beanies on any day – for fashion purposes. There are different kinds of beanies: cuffed beanies, bobble hats, hipster beanies, slouch beanies, and high top beanies. The most stylish kinds are slouch and high top beanies. Choose a darker color to fit on any attire.


  1. Baseball Cap

This sporty cap fits both athletic and non-athletic men. The stiff peak in front of the baseball cap makes a good defense against the harmful rays of the sun. Baseball caps are widely available across the globe. They come in all colors. Because baseball caps are adjustable, they fit perfectly to anyone. You can pair this on-the-go cap with a sporty attire, and a trendy pair of trainers.


  1. Visor

This type of cap looks like the baseball cap. However, visors have an open head, and have harder, longer and wider stiff peak than the baseball cap. It’s originally made to protect the face against the sun. They are perfect for running, biking, and running.


  1. Flat Cap

This cap has two other aliases: driving cap and newboy cap. It somewhat looks like an ascot cap, but it’s not as thick as the ascot. It’s best to wear flat caps during fall (in the west) and anytime in Dubai. You can wear it as a casual accessory, since it’s not appropriate for business gatherings, and other formal events.



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