Key Steps in Registering Your Business in the UAE

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The UAE has solidified its status as one of the most successful business hubs in the world, as the country continues to see economic growth. Businesses flock to this country to get a piece of the market share, and the good news is opportunities are not only limited to household names. Start-ups can also get their chance at success.

If you’re one of the many entrepreneurs eyeing the UAE as your next location for your start-up, you need to be prepared. After all, you’re not just going to start a company – you’ll be heading against different competition.

Experts offering RAK free zone company setup services provide the following advice when registering your business in the UAE.

Determine Your Business Type

What type of business are you planning to run? Commercial? Professional? Industrial? This is a key question you need to address, as there’s a specific issuing entity for a specific business type. You should also provide details about the business activities that you’re planning to conduct, so you can acquire the appropriate business license from the issuing entity.

Identify What Legal Form You Want to Adapt for Your Business

You need to decide on the appropriate legal form of your business. You’ll find that each legal structure has specific rules and regulations that apply. When considering the legal structure of your business, note the type of activity that you plan to engage in.

Choose a Business Name

Choose a name that embodies your business goals, but allows you to stand out from the rest. According to experts offering Fujairah free zone company setup, you need the appropriate documents that adhere to the processing for trade names – make sure you’re familiar with these terms and conditions before you sign anything.

Register Your Business Name

Once you found the right business name, keep it. This will be important when you’re going to start all over again in a new location. More importantly, you need to make sure you have all the documentation required for registering your business name.

Get Initial Approval

After getting your business name certificate, you can start applying for initial approval certificate. When you have this certificate, it will be easier to start the processing of your business license and get approval from authorities for your business activity.

Different Emirates may have specific policies and processes when it comes to business registration. Make sure you’re familiar with the policies of your target Emirate, so you can breeze by the registration process.