Business Card Design Basics That Every Graphic Designer Should Know

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A business card is not just a piece of cardboard that you give away to people because you have it. This small and simple card can help in promoting your company and introduce your brand to people that matter to your business.

Which is why graphic designers should take the time to really understand how their design would affect the owners of this card. It is necessary that they know the basics so they can create powerful business card design concepts that create a lasting impression. If you are a newbie in the graphic design world and it is your first time to design a business card, here are the basics of business card design from a top printing company in Dubai:

  1. Know the limitations

There are instances that designers want to go all out with the design, without thinking about the limitations. But when you are designing a business card, you need to consider the constraints that come with the project, which is the size. The standard calling card size is 55×85 mm. You need to find a way how you can incorporate all design elements in a single cardboard. Once you know the limitations, you can work from there.

  1. Get to know the brand

An effective business card design always highlights the brand. Before you put all your creative juices into the design, get to know the brand first. What are the colors and pantones that the company use and so are the typefaces. It would be best if you can ask for a brand brief to know these details and think how you can incorporate them in your design.

  1. Do not be afraid to explore

A lot of designers struggle with how they can make their business card designs stand out from other cards, given the limitations. But the key here is not to think about the size, but how you can manipulate the design to the brand’s advantage. There are a lot of ways you can apply this. Some designers opt to incorporate functionality into their business card design to make it useful to the person who will receive the business card. You can also play with the materials and finishes to make your business card design more interesting.

  1. Consider your printer

When designing a business card, you need to know what kind of printer will reproduce the design so you can make necessary adjustments. If you opt to go for an offset printing in Dubai, ask the printer for the printer specs.