5 Features Would Make Your Commercial Space Interesting

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First impression is important, especially in business. The way your customers perceived you and your company can make or break your branding image. That is why it is a must that business owners put effort on ensuring that everything about their company and business is presented in a way that it would attract customers and earn their trust, and this would include a presentable and unique business space.

With a unique commercial space, you will be confident enough to invite anyone and impressed them with your stylish and out-of-the-box space.

If you are looking to spruce up your commercial space, read on and know what are the things you need to know to make your space interesting and eye-catching.


  1. Color Scheme and Theme

The color of your space plays a major role on your brand identity. Unfortunately, a lot of business owners take this for granted. There should always be a consistency on the colors that you will use on your office. Consult with your brand managers. If you don’t have one, get someone to create the brand guide. Once you have your own brand guide, you can talk to commercial interior designers and discuss how can you incorporate your brand colors to your office design theme.



  1. Lighting

Proper lighting can make or break your design space. Make sure that you get the right lighting fixtures on your space. The lighting fixtures should be able to give ample lighting on the space but also create an ambiance that would interest the guest. As mentioned, it should highlight your brand statement.


  1. Furniture

Like the lighting, the furniture can play a major role on how your office will look like. The right furniture will send the right message to your target audience, so you need to work with your interior designer closely on this one. But above all, it should be comfortable enough for the guest. Remember that style and comfort should always go hand in hand in terms of the design.


  1. Accents and fixtures

The accents might be just little pieces but it will help on highlighting the focal point of your office. This could go hand in hand with the furniture. But be sure not to go overboard on putting accents as it might ruin the look of the office. Seek the help of a professional interior designer on this one.


  1. Over-all look

Once everything is in place, you will see the big picture. Be sure to check if the office design complies with your brand. You may have to change somethings before settling on the final look. It would hurt also to update the design

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